Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

The Gates of Hell are opening again!

On 31. October 2007 the Gates to Hell opened for the first time.
Many Templars, Cabalists and Hunters fought together against the demons of Hell. One and a half year later it was over. Everybody could only fight alone except for some people from Korea.
Now, 3.75 years after the first opening and 2 years after the end of teamwork it is finally again possible to fight together:

Hellgate London is back!

This weekend (03.06 - 05.06.2011) is the closed beta test of Hellgate Global. It should have been started at 1:30 (Germany) but it had major problems. Some people got on and could play a bit. I couldn't even finish the character creation. They took the server down and are working on it. The next possible start could be at 14:00 (Germany). I won't be here at that time (the weather is just to great :D). So let's hope that it will work later.

There is no native Linux client
It kind of works with wine!
You need to patch wine a bit with this stuff:
and then it works really nice (OK, up to the character creation. But I have a good feeling about it because it is still the same game ( or engine) like the one sold years ago and that one works fine. I feared that they would use some strange protection system. The likes that won't work on Linux. But as of now it doesn't seem so.)

Remember the Dead
Fight for the Living!

See you in hell ...