Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Earning money with FOSS (a quick sum-up)

Bart K. wrote some thoughts about how to make money with FOSS:
and Modplanman a bit more here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1442535

Just to have a quick sum up of these two. Read them for details and so on.
  1. Code and assets closed
  2. (a)Open code and closed assets Or (b) closed code and open assets
  3. Open code and assets
You can get down at any time but won't come up ever again.
1 is the currently most used practice.
So there are two ways to get from 1 to 2:
  1. Wait some time (e.g. ID with Doom and Quake)
  2. Wait for some money (e.g. Aquaria, Penumbra, Gish, Revenge of the Titans, Lugaru, Shadowgrounds)

You can also start with open code and sell the assets or the other way round but I don't know a project which is currently doing so.

How to get money from point 3?
  1. Put a donate button on the project site and wait ...
  2. Sell closed features and addons.
  3. Let people give bounties on features and other new stuff they want to see next.
  4. Create new stuff and let them donate up until a certain point and then release.
  5. Have a server with extra stuff and let people pay to join (e.g. highscore, ranking, chat, trade, voice, "community", multiplayer( e.g. coop, pvp, mmo, rpg, ...))(e.g. Ryzoom)[subscription].
  6. Have a server with extra stuff, let people join and sell things( e.g. virtual items, boosters, ...)(e.g. Ryzoom)[micro-payment].
  7. Create the project closed, pre-sell it and open it on release(e.g. with kickstart)[crowd-founding].
  8. Sell support (because you are the best for it).
  9. Put advertising in.
  10. ... be creative ...