Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Do you wanna make a browser game?

Do you wanna or gonna make a browser game?
Here is a fresh released prototype from Gokukiller you can use and extend:

"This is a very basic prototype of a simple old-school browser game. I’ve used the ASP.NET MVC3 framework and an object-oriented database. It’s a game where you raise a creature with a lot of Dungeons and Dragons elements thrown in. You can create a creature out of four available types. It has the ordinary stuff like health, level experience but also hunger. There are activites, you can have your creature do, like searching for food to satisfy its hunger or search for wild beasts to fight with. Those take time and you can only do one activity at a time. Moreover, your creature has abilities like strength, dexerty, constitution, intelligence and wisdom which influence activities and fights. As it levels up you get to spend points as you see fit. Additionally, you have a array of skills to choose from, ranging from offensive skills like summoning a fireball to defensive skills like healing. To round things up, there is a research-tree. Research is very time-consuming but as you advance you get cool benefits."