Montag, 19. März 2012

Finished: Not Alone

After days and days and maybe weeks of work I finally I kind of finished my game "Not Alone". It started as a little idea on Ludum Dare 22 ( And now I made a bit more out of it for a project at university.

You are a big  ball and try to get into the goal together with your little ball. On that way your companion must go through doors and you must collect monkeys and trigger a trigger.
Simple as that.

I used some stuff from "the internet". Thanks for sharing, dudes!
<--= Blender =-->

"Andreas Esau" for "easyEmit"*Update*-TestAddon-available

"Martins Upitis" for "unlimited planar reflections & refraction"

"MrLarodos" for "MiniMap"


<--= Sound =-->

"Synthirius" for "Discomatic"

"CorrodedMaster" for "2329__Jovica__STAB_004_mastered_16_bitREMIX.wav"

"jnr hacksaw" for "11221__jnr-hacksaw__zap.flac"

<--= Done =-->

Now if you wanna play this game then grab all files from:
and start MainMenu.blend from Blender.

Have fun!

I managed to put up some zips:
One for Windows 64Bit:

and a generic one where you need Blender to start it: