Samstag, 1. April 2017

Ryzen on Linux - Waiiting

All needed components are here. Build together. Set up. And running.

22.03.2017 - AMD Ryzen gets a launchdate and can be preodered

I was waiting for this for a long time. On 25.03.2017 I had all components chosen that should join together as my new PC. And so I ordered them all from Mindfactory.
The waiting began.
2 days later the first item was on the go: AOC AGON AG271QX (more)
It arrived on 02.03.2017. With the hardware I had I couldn't test it properly. The NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS of a Laptop powered by Debian Testing just got 1920x1080@60Hz over HDMI and 1024x768@120Hz and the MacBook 2560x1440@60Hz. It worked and had no visual problems. So far so good.

Because of preordering and Mindfactory not having the special edition of the chosen cooler I needed to ask Noctua for the mounting-kit. That I did on the 27.02.2017. Without extra cost and problems it arrived the week after.
A big thanks to Noctua.

05.03.2017 - news from Mindfactory: "Wir bedauern Ihnen mitteilen zu müssen, dass sich die Lieferung noch etwas verzögert".
The pain began. The mainboard was missing. Next date they should get a new charge should be the 10.03. At that date I checked the page and now it said 17.03. and other components, front-panel, speaker, buttons, were missing. "??" - when I selected the things I wanted I checked that all were available... and now they were gone.
I exchanged some emails with them. And waited a week more.
On 15.03. I asked them again and except for the mainboard just the speaker-buttons-leds-set were missing. So I changed them for another set.
Artikelnummer: 8356053
Lian Li Power-/Reset- Taster

Artikelnummer: 7821720
InLine Testset 5-teilig Adapter
On 17.03. I found a mail about shipping things.
"Yes!" - I thought. And checked. And saw:
They send the rest - but mainboard and the testset was not included.
Those were now marked shippable on 31.03.
And checking 8356053 it was available again.

Checking reddit I knew that the boards were rare everywhere in the world.
Still I had some anger in me and wrote them.
As my board were nowhere available I could have chosen another or wait longer. I choose to wait more. And asked if they could change back my change, 7821720 to 8356053 again.
It was not possible. Why?
"Leider ist dieses noch nicht aktualisiert. Der Artikel ist nur noch verfügbar und nicht lagernd."
"??" What?
 Okay. Wrong values on there webpage. Again...

So more waiting...

And while checking reddit I saw a post on 29.03. about mainboards in stock.
I checked my local reseller and WOW! there it was too. I thought a bit about it. Asked some friends. And went to get it. The only one in store. They had other, including 2 K7. But only one 5. And I got it.
And I was sooo happy :-D

In the evening I finally could unbox all parts and put them together.
It works!

I canceled the order on Mindfactory.
And checking on 31.03. it is now listed for 13.04.
Just glad I got mine now.
And the testset is now also on the way.
The last pieces.

Or nearly last pieces because the case is still missing.
It shall be a custom case. Wooden. With acrylic glass. Because the hardware looks so nice :-D

More in next post...