Freitag, 20. November 2015

[PHP+GDB] Debugging in PHP Part 2

I found a little thing called Pyclewn which is "A Vim front-end to the gdb and pdb debuggers." With a good configured Vim it is for me much easier and nicer to debug then with plain gdb.

Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

[PHP+GDB] Debugging in PHP

Writing a server in Python that does SOAP and WSDL a simple PHP-client should be able to do requests. The WSDL is selfmade-generated in version 1.1. The analyzer on is telling me that everything is OK. In fact I already have 3 clients in Python running, using SOAPpy, suds (jurko-edition) and twisted.web.soap (which is using SOAPpy). 

And 2 in PHP, one using pear SOAP and the other using the internal PHP SOAP.